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Guy is a Guy - Dad

Arnold and Meenal played Julie's parents.. 

Baby Joe

Reenacting half a song from a 'concert' directed by Bosco.  Read More ....

Impersonations- Sanjiv & Steven 

Imitating Peter and Nisha.  Read more ...

Mama! - Shaila 

One of Shaila's classic songs. 

Sydney and Dad

Dancing to Konkani songs

Home Sweet Home

Read more ....

Baby Joe
Home Sweet Home

Sing Along

Party songs, two team sing offs etc.


Portuguese Songs and Dance

Started with Sydney's Kashasa.

Da Cunha Family  

Little penny, Little bird on a tree top

Read more .....

Da Cunha Family

Correa Famiy Videos 1997

Clips from gatherings around the time of Julie & Steven's wedding

Wedding Video Clips

                Editorial Comments from Steven


Baby Joe

Reenacting half a song from a concert directed by Bosco.held in Sivan Annexe way before I was born.  Arnold was 6 years old when he played Baby Joe.  Not sure who played his bride in the original, but Mom filled in here.

I just heard last week from Arnold that they charged 4 Anas for tickets to the concert.  But no one seems to remember what they did with the loot.  I want some good conspiricy theories going so I will stir things up a bit by asking (suspense music starts playing)  "what happended to the money ....?"   



Peter and Nisha did not want to sing, so Sanjiv and Steven sang the a couple of songs they used to sing when they were little.


Mama! - Shaila

One of Shaila's classic songs.  Not included is a few minutes before this clip where Shaila is igiving the pianist detailed instructions on tempo and key change.  Pianist was either Eleanor or Cherise.  If it was Eleanor, she probably did not need the instuctions, since she has heard it 100 times - both the song and the instructions!  Poor Shaila, we always make her sing just one of two songs ...... . Or is it that her repertoire consists of only two songs … hmmm.


Home Sweet Home

Mom and her sisters with Eleanor on the piano.  Please note Eleanor's very fancy piano playing.  Don't remember Eleanor doing all the intricate chords and arpeggios when she used to accompny us in shcool.  Must be something special she does only when accompaning the D'Silva sisters!  

Unfortunately A. Doris was not there to complete the quartets 4ths voice.  A. Doris was not well so although she was in Delaware with Clarita, she had to cancel her trip at the last minute.  So close but yet so far ...


Da Cunha Family

Songs - This Little Penny, Little bird on a Tree Top in English, Portugese, and then with all their names as the words to the song.  Viola was missing, so who do they pick to do her Soprano solo ? .........Olav.  Real Moiracads!

Little known fact about rivalry between the Da Cunha and Correa family - The Da Cunhas are very jealous that the Correa's have their own feast day when all they have are good musical abilites and good looks.  I've always told Cherise the Neysa they are Correa wannabes.  Of course they never admit it, but when August 15 comes around you should see their sad faces.


They are Jolly Good Fellas

The story is that a while before the group started to sing Jolly good fellas, Julie and I had stepped away, so instead of waiting for us to come back Mom and Dad became the Fellas.  Probably their first public kiss since their wedding.  On the lips.  As my kids would say – Yuck!!


Help for the Tech Challenged!


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Anchor 23
Jolly Good Fella
About these Videos

About these videos


When Francis (Arnold's son,) heard that we were not planning on videotaping our wedding (because I was too cheap), he took it upon himself to tape it himself and give it to us as a wedding present.  (Maybe he was just as cheap.  JUST KIDDING!  Don’t tell him this, because he may not appreciate my humor).  Anyway, since he had his camera, he ended up also taping gatherings from the night before and the day after.  But at the wedding itwelf, the way he positioned the camera was such that it was directly behind someone in the back row, so you only saw this person’s shoulders that covered the whole screen when the congregation was standing, and when they were sitting, you only saw a big arrangement of flowers that also took up the whole screen.  Very funny!  Editorial Comment - this would not have surprised me if this was done by my Moira cousins.  (So glad the  Moiracads are more than hitting distance away!)


Anyway, we do have the audio, but no video of the readers, cantor, priest, Julie or me etc.  A couple of times you do see Bosco’s tall head gear (Bishops’ hat?)  peak up over the flowers when he puts it on and takes it off.  So we don’t have a wedding video, but we do have video from a couple of parties, which might even be better.  Because who wants to watch people’s wedding video other than perhaps the bride and groom themselves?




Our children did not know grandma Barbara, so the aunts were the next best thing! First few pictures are Steven's aunts with the children on their first trip to India.  Other pictures are more recent.


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