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Question - Can we invest in Denbar projects with retirement funds?

Answer -     Yes


Question - Which kinds of retirement plans are eligible? 

Answer -    Regular IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401k, or any others the IRS approves.


Question - Is DenbarProperties the custodian or trustee

Answer -    No.  You will have to get your own custodian and trustee.  We can suggest places others have used.


Question - How much does it cost? 

Answer -    No additional charges from Denbar for using funds from a retirement account.  However, most custodian have some fees.


Question - I heard I cannot have a loan on property that I own with retirement accounts.  Is that true?

Answer -   You can have a loan.  However you cannot personally guarantee a loan for property purchased within your IRA account.  The good news is that most of our projects are structured such that our investors do not personally guarantee any loans.


Question - When will this Retirement Accounts page be completed?

Answer - Not really sure.  But hopefully before we retire!


 If you have any questions not answered above or would like to invest though a retirement account, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Quick Answers to a few Retirement Accounts FAQs


Not a comprehensive list, but will add more as time permits.  Give us a shout for more info.

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Information about investing in real estate through retirement accounts



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