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What Policy? There is no privacy any more!

OK. Since it is traditional to have a privacy page, here are a couple of notes.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

We do not ask you for any personal information.  If you use the form on the Let's Talk page, we ask for your name and email address so we can get back to you.  And that is all we do with it.  (Still concerned? check out sneaky trick #1)

If and only if

In the future we may ask people to sign in for proprietary information, and If you do enter your name and email address, we won't bombard you with emails, or sell, or rent out your information, or do whatever it is people do with emails - well, unless we are offered over a million bucks for it!



So How Do I Get Newsletters, Updates etc.

You don't!  I'm tired of all the email I get with news, stock tips, the best investment ever, etc. etc. and I presume you are too.  So we don't do newsletters, hot tips, top 5 lists, or any such mass communication. I don't have that much wisdom to pass on anyway.  .

Sneaky trick #1 - If you are still paranoid and do not want to provide your name and email, you can use the Ask a Question form on the bottom of  the FAQ page.  E-mail and phone number are optional on this form.


Current Investors - sorry, the above policies of not collecting and sending emails obviosly does not apply to you, because we need to send you updates.  But it will just be a few times a year

Sneaky Trick
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