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Unlike many investment options, our “arm-chair” investing requires little of you. To make a real estate purchase, you will rely on our experience and our expertise to:


  • identify properties


  • negotiate prices and loan rates


  • hire management and maintenance professionals


You just sit back and relax. Count on Denbar Properties for consistent returns, proven experience, and the discipline and transparency to give you security and peace of mind.


Our experience has also taught us that we need to evolve with the times. While our process is simple and our track record well above average, we have expanded our portfolio with the times. Having initially invested only in multi-family properties, due to market changes that made single family homes attractive investments, we now also have some single family homes in our book of business. 


Everything is disclosed up front.  You will know about all the issues with the property, types of risks involved, conflicts of interest, and more before you commit.

Once you are an LLC member you can request any information you would like to review and we will get it to you quickly - typically withing 2 business days. Also, whenever you are in town, we can arrange to take you by your properties.


Our consistent returns provide confidence and a sense of comfort. You will not be watching the markets, searching for daily price fluctuations, and calculating how you’ll be affected. We have been investing in real estate for more than 20 years. Each time, our simple process has made the investment go smoothly.


So what really makes us different from other property investment firms?  We could say that it is the quality of our associates, our meticulous screening process, our midwest work ethic, our great relationship with vendors and lenders, our perky personality and stunning good looks ....  All true! but the main difference is that we put our money where our mouth is.

Not only do we invest under the same terms as our investors, our fees are directly related to the returns our investors receive.  We do this in different ways, but the bottom line is that  if you don't make money, we don't make money.

Learn about what we can do for you, our approach, our experience and what makes us different.  From our start with a single building in an Iowa college town, see how we developed our business and our future direction.



Arm Chair Investing

Our Approach
Why Us

Why Denbar?


Our proven process built on a foundation of discipline and consistency

will give you investment security. Contact Denbar Properties TODAY!

And then...

Cedar Falls, IA holds a special place in our corporate heart as the location of our first real estate purchase. This 8-plex performed well and stayed in the “family” for many years. It also provided the success we needed to realize our passion and determine how to proceed.


Several other properties in the area were later purchased and became the start to a very successful investment experience.


And it was good

In the beginning

Ankeny, IA came next and many towns and properties followed.


And it was good.


Initially and now, our preferred investments have been multi-family properties, which in theory can financially support themselves even if not fully occupied.


Our portfolio also includes single-family homes. Purchased in a manner similar to our other investments (pooling investment funds), we identify a group of 6-8 homes, work with lenders to secure a favorable rate, and buy these homes as a single investment.

We also work with investors on sale-lease back opportunities for purchassing commercial property. 


Over these years we have worked with a small group of investors who have invested multiple times in different projects.


And it was good.

Not yet Convinced?


There is a large number of people who are very interested in investing in real estate, but for various reasons don't take that leap (Yes, you know who you are!).  If you happen to be one of them and are hesitant or nervous taking the leap, we have addressed some of the common concers we have heard in a section called Fear Factor!

In the Begenning

Although residential property is the majority of our portfolio, we have also invested in commercial properties like strip malls, gas stations and even a couple of hotels.

These moderately priced rental homes fit well into our business plan in that many people who want to live in a house and are not able to purchase one can get into a home under rental terms they find comfortable.  We are then able to help them qualify to become a home owner in a couple of years.

We want to offer our turnkey services to more than our core group of investors.  Our next investor may be you!




And it will be good!




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