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Hello fellow Investor

For those who are interested or curious, this page will have brief summaries of some of the things we are currently developing or implementing to help our business run more efficiently and provide even better customer service to our investors and tenants 

You can access the Investor Portal below where you will find documents for all of your investments with us.

You can also send us any documents through through the Portal.

General info related to your LLC, investments, filings etc.

Current Investors




Pilot Projects


Unified Communication


We have many ways of communicating these days, so it's not surprising we have some tenants that only text, while some prefer email, others, phone calls, and some others maybe other communication channels such as Facebook Messenger.  We are working on a project that brings these all together for our property managers, so we can efficiently and effectively communicate with our tenants using whatever channel they prefer.



Match Rent Date with Paycheck Date


Experimenting with this alternative method of accepting rents with one apartment community.  Some lower income tenants find it difficult to save for rent when they get paid weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly.  So we have a special payment plan that allows the tenant to split their rents into smaller payments with the due dates matching their paycheck date.  To lessen the admin work for property managers, the only payment method we accept for this program is auto debit.

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