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The World According to Steven

These are my own thoughts and opinions.  Don't confuse them with actual fact!

Pet peeve #321 - Texting when meeting with me!

You know who you are. I'm sorry, but I want your whole attention.

Just the other day I was meeting with a Realtor where I had a previously scheduled appointment. During our 25 minute meeting he answered 2 phone calls and at least 3 texts. That is ridiculous. I understand that sometimes you might be expecting a very important call, or your wife may go into labor anytime soon ..... OK - then all you have to do is to tell me before we start that you may have to take this really important call and I would understand - I'd try to anyway.

Where is Miss Manners when I need her? Where is all the business etiquette gone? Heck, when my wife was very pregnant, I never answered her calls when I was in a meeting. That's how much business etiquette I have!

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