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More Example Investments


Ankeny Investments LC

(focused on long term equity)


As the name suggests, this LLC invested in property in the city of Ankeny which is a northern suburb of Des Moines.  This was a pure equity appreciation play where we made no distributions, but instead reinvested cash flow or paid down the mortgage until liquidating after 6 years.  Investors more than doubled their investment after 6 years. If you had $25,000 invested at the start of this investment, you would have received about  $60,00 after 6 years. Of course, there were no distributions during the 6 years, but it still is a very good IRR.  We'll let you do the calculations to figure out exactly what that is!

Not from the US but would like to own real estate in the States?

We would really like to work with you.  Check out our International Investors page for more info.


Want to invest in real estate using an IRA account, but don't know where to start?

No problem.  We will work with you.  See our  Retirement Account  page for more info.

Current and Past Investment Narratives

(Continued from Existing Invesments)

Class B Apartment Community


This 46 unit apartment community located in Iowa consists of

  • Two bedrooms apartments

  • Three bedroom townhouses

  • Additional tenant storage areas

  • Laundromat in a standalone building

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in laundry building

  • Rental office

  • Storage for our maintenance equipment

  • Lots of trees and green spaces

  • Outdoor play equipment for children

Kum&Go Gas Stations 

(focused on current income)


Kum&Go is one of the largest privately held gas and convenience store chain in the country.  It uses the sale-lease back model for building new stores, similar to Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Walmart and many other national companies.  K&G builds stores to their specs, sell them to investors and leases them back for a minimum of 20 years.  We typically invest in these long term NNN investments as replacement property when doing a tax deferred 1031 Exchange.  


These types of investments are not high yield and long term appreciation is limited due to the long term lease, but they are very stable, no bother, not fuss, properties.  Great for a core retirement poftfolio.


The yield on these investments start at between 6 and 7% a year but there are modest rent increases every 5 to 7 years


Denbar Housing LC

(focsed on current income)



This LLC was initially formed to sponsor a one year rehab project where we partnered with another firm that specialized in forecloses.  Members earned a little over 16% in the first year on a $200,000 investment.  Rather than liquidating after the first year, which was the initial plan, the members decided to continue the LLC.  However, instead of rehabs the LLC invests in short term debt that is backed by real estate.  Investors now receive a 10% annual distribution and principal amount remains fixed.

Recent Acquisitions

Retail Strip Malls


Adjacement strip malls in central IA have retail businesses as tenants.  Tenant mix consists of -

  • Hair Stylist Salon

  • Video and game rental franchise

  • CPA office 

  • Chamber of commerce office

  • Tanning salon

  • Fitness franchise

  • Mattress franchise

  • Legal services

And Closing soon


Commercial building with about 16,000 square feet of NNN leased space

in one of the fastest growing cities in the state.

Latest Acquisitions
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