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"Places Everyone....

Don't make me get out the wooden spoon!"


Four Generations and Counting

"Lewis and Drew, Calm Down"

Editorial for Steven's family who might see this

Julie's parents became great grandparents a few months ago and these are the first pictures/video of everyone from all four generations.  The family is so large now, we needed an aerial shot to get everyone in.  So good thing one of the son in laws, who shall remain nameless had this brilliant idea to get a drone with a camera.  And an even better thing that said son in law has a son who knew how to operate it.  This page is the result of this short ‘photo shoot’.  I think the competition for favorite son in law is now over.  
I am very fortunate to marry into this great family.  I know they will never be Portuguese speaking Goan Catholic Brahmins (although they really want to).  But hey – we all can’t be perfect!  
(Oops, I think that competition may be back on again!)

That's Better

Final Take

Not perfection - but close enough

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