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What is an iREIT? 


An “iREIT” is a real estate investment trust, sponsored by Denbar Enterprises Inc. (the parent company of Denbar Properties) and will be offered directly to investors online, without any brokers or sales commissions, and significantly lower fees than traditional REITs.


We added the "i" before REIT to distinguish it from traditional REITs.  The “i” represents a different way of offering shares and managing the fund using technology that provides significant costs savings that benefit investors.  Each iREIT intends to invest in a diversified pool of commercial and residential real estate assets.  Although all the fund’s investments will be in the United States, we have structured the fund in a way that makes it easy for foreign investors to participate and we will encourage foreign investment.


Denbar's Equity iREIT


Real estate in the US is typically funded using a combination of debt and equity provided by financial institutions, investors, and project sponsors, and we decided to focus our first iREIT on equity investments.  Therefore, Denbar’s Equity iREIT will purchase direct or beneficial ownership interests in various properties including apartment, office and retail buildings.  This iREIT will also invest 20% to 25% of its funds in short term rehab projects between 3 and 6 months in length.



  • Invests in large Class A commercial and multi-family  projects


  • Typically investment strategy is buy and hold



  • Numerous management levels



  • Investor pays various fees that go by many names that is based on the size of fund or value of assets.


  • Typically charge a sales commissions either upfront or embedded in annual fees


  • Fees are not based on the performance of the underlying investments


  • Publically traded or private

Denbar's iREIT


  • Invests in smaller commercial multi-family and single family projects.


  • Investment strategy is a mix of buy and hold, and short term rehabs, and mezzanine financing


  • Typically just two levels of management


  • No asset based fees.




  • No sales commissions




  • Performance based fees.




  • Private

Traditional REIT vs Denbar’s iREIT


Due to new investing laws and new technology we are able to combine the benefits of investing in smaller, more lucrative, real estate projects with the simplicity and ease of purchasing shares online.  Here are some of the

A Note to Prospective Sponsors 


There is no link to this page from our public website, therefore, if you are reading this, you probably are a real estate developer, syndicator, or rehabber, (that we collectively call Sponsors) to whom we provided this page.  We thought you may be a good match to partner with us, and wante to provide some information so you can determine if you would like to talk further.  


So what's this partnering all about?


We recognize that Denbar is not a big enough company to source, underwrite, acquire and manage all the properties that the fund will own, especially with the diversification we are seeking, in terms of  type of properties and geography.  We also know that people and companies can often find superior real estate investments in their own communities that others may never hear off.  Therefore, we would like to work with sponsors of real estate projects in other areas of the country.


When putting together such a fund, we have the all too common chicken and the egg issue of what comes first “investments or investors”.  It is difficult to get investors without specific investments in hand and typically a good investment is not available long enough for us to find investors.  We address this issue with the help of what we call ‘startup partners’, which are a few angel investors and financial institutions.  Their role is to help us with short term funding to get an initial group of properties onto our platform that we can make available to retail iREIT investors.  Many of these are being made by placing options rather than outright purchase.


Eventually, we would like you to consider Denbar for any financing needs such as equity, debt, mezzanine or preferred equity.  However, since we are building these funds in stages, and to meet our objective of at least 20% in short term investments,  our primary need right now is working with sponsors on projects such as rehabs or property repositioning which has a 6 to 12 months life span.  Since we are now working on an Equity iREIT, our investment, by definition cannot be standard loan.  However we are open to preferred equity positions that sometimes operate similar to a loan.


We would like to hear from you if you have any projects you would like us to consider.   

We are building an online template that sponsors can use to submit their projects to us.  Until then, we can work through phone and e-mails.  We value your time. Therefore if it is more convenient for you, you can upload any existing documents, you would like us to review using the Pick File button below.

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