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Christmas Carols From The 80's 

Hey everyone,


I found these songs in my collection of audio cassetes, but I don't remeber where it was from.  I probably left India by then.  

Could someone please give me some background about these songs?  Not even sure who all are singing although sounds like a couple of Regos and couple of love sisters.


You can reach me by clicking here.



Got my answer.  This is from an NCPA Christmas show from the late 80's.  Was right about two Regos and Love sisters, and also included Joel and Lester.


And to confirm some of your questions .... the header picture is St. Michaels chruch.  I thought that would be easily recognized. And the picture to the right is a sign from the Mahim Railway station.  Thanks for being so impressed that I could actually read Hindi on the sign, although I know they were total sarcastic comments!  Sir Sharma would be proud.  Although I hate to admit it, on the sign it says Mahim Junction  in English in small letters so I really wasn't reading the Hindi!



Audio clips 

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