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Real Estate Investments
Arm chair Real Estate Investing

Many people seem to be long on cash, but short on time.  And, while the pace of life seems to be moving more quickly all the time, finding the time to invest on your own can be difficult.  Then, with so much information available on the internet, wading through your options can become overwhelming.


Denbar Properties offers you a REAL investment

option – real estate

Have you thought about investing in real esate, but were too nervous to take on a large new mortgage loan and the responsibility of taking care of you properties?

What would you say if someone else can assume that risk and responsibility?

If your answer is "Get Real!",  we agree, and we want you to get real with us.  ... get eal estate that is.

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Disappointed    with 1% bank returns

Uncomfortable with stock market volatility

Frustrated         with unreasonable investment fees

Anxious              about investing on your own

Is this You?

This You?

Our proven process built on a foundation of discipline and consistency will give you investment security. 


Current portfolio - 

  • 70% - multi-family housing.  

  • 20% - commercial buildings, gas stations

  •  5% - single family homes

  •  5% - strip malls, motel, land


Snapshot of our  Properties


Most of our properties are located in small towns in central and western Iowa close to employment or educational hubs.  We also have properties in other states and offshore.  Here is a map of the towns we are in and some property pictures.

Why do we have so many properties in Iowa?  No profound reason -  it's partly because we live in central Iowa and it's the area we know best.  But investing in lower cost small towns has a lot of advantages.

Spreads risk - your investment is spread over many more properties versus high price cities.

High demand for housing in smaller towns that are close to an employment hub

Low supply of newer housing in these smaller towns.

We are all about


Consistency  - Provides confidence, predictability and comfort. 


Transparency – Full disclosure before, during, and at the end of your investment.


History –  Stable track record of real estate investing for over 20 years


Accountability/Responsibility – Projects structured such that Denbar does not get paid until you do.

Need More Info About 

 Our approach, experience, and history?

Learn about us here.

Typical poject structure?  

Check out The Investments section.

Types of properties and their locations?

Scroll down to the Snapshot section below.

Arm chair Real Estate Investing

Did you know?

  • Real Estate Provides Income from 3 Sources?

  • Your name does not have to show up as owner in public records?

  • You can defer tax on capital gains when you sell your property?

  • Check out our Real Info! Page for more

Real Estate Investing People

Always Wanted to Own Investment Properties?

Ready to Get Real with Denbar Properties?

  Customize Your Investment

  • Retain Denbar to put together a real estate investment tailor made for you

  • Could be a single property or a portfolio of properties

  • You provide the paramers and we make it happen

  • More Info ...

  Invest in a Denbar Sponsored LLC

  • Be part of a small group of owners who have similar investment objectives 

  • Ability to own larger properties than you might purchase on your own

  • A majority of our investors participate in these LLCs

  • More Info ....     


Click the SMS button to be notified when a new opportunity is available.

Learn More

Traditionally there were two ways to invest as mentioned below.  These were typically single property projects.  Based on client feedback, we are piloting new portfolio products (Funds), which is simply an investment in a group of properties.  We will have more details about the fund(s) in coming months, but you can get some general info here.  

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